photo: Nancy Clendaniel



Guitarist, Arranger and Composer

Fusing folk, jazz and pop styles, two-time

Grammy-winner Laurence Juber creates a multifaceted performance that belies the use of only one acoustic guitar. 


First internationally recognized as lead guitarist in Beatle Paul McCartney's band Wings, Laurence Juber has since established himself as a world-renowned guitar virtuoso, composer and arranger.

Juber, known to his fans as LJ, has released 23 solo albums which spotlight Juber’s unique touch and tone on solo acoustic guitar..

The latest is Fingerboard Road, featuring thirteen tunes that encompass a spectrum from those that have a deep personal resonance, to others that are representative of particular styles or musical eras, mostly 1960s and ‘70s, the period when he ‘came of age’ as a musician.

His 'photo memoir' Guitar With Wings is published by Dalton Watson Fine Books in a numbered limited edition  and as a standard hardback.

LJ Plays The Beatles, was voted one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine's all-time Top Ten albums.

Juber's solo arrangement of  The Pink Panther Theme earned him a second Grammy.

His arrangement of Stand By Me was heard nationally in a Diamonds Are Forever commercial.

His DVD-Audio project Guitar Noir (AIX Records) won a CES Demmy award for best sound.

As a studio musician, he can be heard on recordings from artists as diverse as Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks, Seal and Barry Manilow, plus he is featured on the soundtracks to hundreds of TV shows such as Home Improvement and movies including the academy award-winning Dirty Dancing, Good Will Hunting and Pocahontas.

Juber co-composed the soundtrack of the award-winning video game Diablo III and crafted the score to the NBC Dateline documentary Children Of The Harvest. His music is also featured in the Ken Burns’ documentary The Tenth Inning

With his wife Hope Juber, he has composed the scores to the musical comedies Gilligan's Island: The Musical, A Very Brady Musical and It's The Housewives! 





“One of the world's most remarkable acoustic guitarists.” - The South China Post


"Juber is a master of acoustic finger style, but with less of the trick-guitar mishmash that seems obligatory among the high-octane pickers. He has a fluid style that shifts gears through simultaneous jazzy chording, leads, and bass lines, while weaving in and out of musical thoughts faster than a Formula One racer."

- San Diego Reader

"He gloriously articulates the melodies and never succumbs to show-off playing. But the notes spin out of the songs with such finesse and musical agility, it's hard to believe he has only 10 fingers and six strings. Juber has made a rare acoustic guitar record with bark and bite. His playing is just short of sleight of hand and, like all magicians, he makes it seem effortless."
- San Francisco Chronicle

“Laurence Juber has redefined solo acoustic guitar playing”.


“A master!”

- Pete Townsend

“The melodies and textures and harmonies he coaxes out of an acoustic guitar are absolutely spellbinding. And far from being just applications of technique that might appeal mostly to guitar snobs, Laurence's music always possesses an all-embracing melodic sensibility that seduces non-players, as well. It also helps that he is a warm and quietly charismatic performer."
- Guitar Player Magazine